23 - 24 July
2011, Hall 404
Suntec International
Convention & Exhibition
Centre, Singapore

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Lucky Draw & Game

David Gerald, President & CEO of SIAS, with the wife of grand prize winner, Mr Yeo Chee Leong
  Results of Lucky Draw      

 Grand Draw Winner - $10,000
 Yeo Chee Leong SXXX7392A

Day 1

 uZap Mini Sliming Message Belt  NRIC
 Regina Lin SXXX2623D
 Chen Han Song SXXX5045I
 Gwee Chew Wong SXXX4629H
 Chang Kwek Hwa SXXX7915C
 Wong Chen Wei SXXX5336E
 Chan Choi Ling SXXX3072D
 Jaclyn Goh SXXX7047A
 Wong Swee Meng SXXX7137Z
 Tan Hock Leong SXXX2281Z
 Ong Yok Lai SXXX0958G

 uLuv Neck and Shoulder Massager
 Lan Choon Leng SXXX2923E
 Cheng Tim Luck SXXX1365Z
 Joshua Pang Wui Lian SXXX1495H
 Ng Choon Jin SXXX8960H
 Phann Sophearin GXXX8852T
 Tan Lay Wah SXXX4602Z

 S-CSL Mobile Phone BB6300 (Dual SIM GSM)
 Tung Kok Kiong SXXX6275B
 Foo Kok Jong SXXX0245F
 Ella Lam SXXX1803Z

 Samsung Galaxy Tab (16GB)
 Tan Kam Beng SXXX4230E

Day 2

 uZap Mini Sliming Message Belt
 Toh Leong Teck SXXX8184I
 Winston Wong SXXX9535D
 Sheryl Wong SXXX4635G
 Low Mui Chai SXXX1214Z
 Teh Poh Choo SXXX9483G
 Teng Chew Hua SXXX6187C
 Gary Ong SXXX0287Z
 Pua S.H SXXX8236J
 Chao Syh Kwang SXXX0901F
 Tan In How SXXX9153E

 uLuv Neck and Shoulder Massager
 Chong Voon Teck SXXX6526E
 Wendy Chua SXXX1975Z
 Soh Seng Beng SXXX7156B
 Jayne Yang GXXX2044U
 Jeremiah Chua SXXX4700C
 Tew King Hock SXXX4041C

 S-CSL Mobile Phone Mi350 (Dual SIM GSM)
 Lim Oh Teo SXXX0549A
 Sean Tan SXXX8878Z
 Ong Bee Khim SXXX0059F

 Apple iPad 2 (16GB with WiFi)
 Daniel Phua SXXX2697A
 Lim Oh Teo SXXX0549A
 Ho Chin Jun SXXX6080H

Please bring along your Identity Card/Passport to the following address when claiming your prize:

Securities Investors Association Singapore
7 Maxwell Road #05-03, MND Building Annexe B, Singapore 069111
Website: www.sias.org.sg
Tel: +65 62272683

Collection Hours from Mondays to Fridays between 9.30am and 12 noon & 2.00pm and 5.00pm.
All prizes must be collected before August 26 2011. Any unclaimed prizes will be donated to charity.

  How to Participate?      
  Step 1: Get your lucky draw form from the registration counter    
  Step 2: Attend at least 5 seminars at AICE 2011 and receive a stamp on the lucky draw form for each seminar you attended  
  Step 3: Answer the 3 questions on the lucky draw form correctly  
  Step 4: Write down your personal particulars on the lucky draw form and drop the form into the lucky draw box. That's it!  
  There are no restrictions to the number of lucky draw forms you can fill up so the more seminars you attend, the higher your chances of winning!  
  Click here for Terms & Conditions.  

  What You Stand to Win?      
   Day 1 Prizes    Number of Prizes
   uZap Mini Slimming Massage Belt    10pcs to be given away
   uLuv Neck and Shoulder Massager    6pcs to be given away
   S-CSL Mobile Phone BB6300 (Dual SIM GSM)    3pcs to be given away
   Samsung Galaxy Tab (16GB)    1pc to be given away
   Day 2 Prizes    Number of Prizes
   uZap Mini Slimming Massage Belt    10pcs to be given away
   uLuv Neck and Shoulder Massager    6pcs to be given away
   S-CSL Mobile Phone Mi350 (Dual SIM GSM)    3pcs to be given away
   Apple iPad 2 (16GB with WiFi)    3pcs to be given away

   Day 2 GRAND LUCKY DRAW PRIZE    $10,000 cash x 1 winner

  Prize Sponsored by:  

  Play, Learn and Win!  
  Investment Game (Booth E16)      


a) Understanding Market Behavioral Pattern
b) Learn how to Read and Predict the Market Correctly
c) Opportunity to walk away with S$ 10,000 worth of prizes
d) Exclusive Stocks Exposure

Game Schedule
Day 1 - 23rd July 2011
11.30am - 12.45pm
2.00pm - 3.15pm
4.30pm - 5.45pm
Day 2 - 24th July 2011
1.30pm - 2.45pm
4.00pm - 5.15pm
Main Facilitator:

  PRIZES (Sponsored by ThomasTheCoach)  
  Grand Prize: 2 Days Stocks & Shares (worth S$ 2,888)  
  25 Tickets - 1 Day Seminar (worth $288 each) Mr. Thomas Mathew  
  a) Cash Flow Game 101
b) 3 hours Private Session with Thomas Mathew
c) How to be Financially Independent
  5 Nature Element Profiling (worth S$ 49.90 each)